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MetaDOS: Battle Royale In Metaverse
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Battle Royale In Metaverse
Battle Royale In Metaverse
Battle Royale: The battle from a novel
In 1996, Koushun Takami wrote Lord of The Flies - a novel about a group of high school students who were accidentally pushed into a war to hunt down and destroy each other. Although they were only fiction they haunted the Japanese school environment throughout the years that followed. By 2000, a movie called Battle Royale was released to the market to satisfy curious needs and what users expect and for the first time people knew about the meaning of Battle Royale.
After twelve years after the Battle Royale film, the gaming community beheld Battle Royale mode as one of the very famous games. If the people ask which is the first Battle Royale game, so it will be Minecraft. Minecraft Hunger is made and designed by CliffJametson and mlamascese52.
Battle Royale is a thrilling survival shooter game with survival elements at the forefront. In the Battle Royale world, there will be many players competing against each other in the same area. Each player must collect for themselves equipment and weapons to become stronger to protect themselves and fight opponents.
And Battle Royale has become one of the favorite E-sports by the gaming community around the world. In the crypto industry in general and games in particular, there is still not a single successful metaverse game title that develops in the direction of E-sports, players are too bored with boring click-to-earn games ,RPG lack the thrill, but now they have MetaDOS. MetaDOS is proud to be a pioneer in the field of Metaverse E-sports to make the crypto community and gaming community more closely together.
Metaverse in E-sports: Battle Royale Just In Time 
Inspired by the famous game Apex Legends and the movie Intime (2011). MetaDOS develops the game’s story with the earth in 2030 when a meteor explodes across Canada and causes climate change on the earth. Nibirium from meteorite explosions has become the most expensive material on the planet in creating new energy sources for the world, the world’s largest energy corporation DOS has researched and developed Nibirium based on AMB technology to help increase the ability to prolong human life, this is also the time when DOS organizes a Battle Royale tournament that brings together excellent factors to participate.
MetaDOS takes huge advantage of potential team members and mentors, brought together by talent, skills, creativity, vision also experience in Blockchain and Esports Gaming. What we are doing here is not just producing a normal NFT game, we are opening up new concepts for the Game industry. We are The Next-Gen Metaverse Battle Royale.
MetaDOS has built on features of Metaverse and E-sports, including:   
  • Free To Play: Players can experience the game completely for free which is the soul of any Esports game. 
  • Metaverse: Players will experience Metaverse for the first time in a real E-sports NFT game project that includes elements such as immersive experience, Open World, and in-game economy. 
  • Time is currency: You will have to be active rather than passive in houses and wait for the last circles for your survival and rewards.
  • High-quality graphics: Players will experience an NFT Game with graphics like no other NFT Game has ever seen before, with the excellent staff. MetaDOS confidence will deliver the best experiences in the Metaverse world of MetaDOS.
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Metados: The Next-Gen Metaverse Battle Royale game.

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